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Tuesday, May 26, 2015 | 2:17 AM CDT

Asghar Zardkoohi's Publications

Title Year Type
Board Leadership Structure and Firm Performance 2005 Article
Ownership and the Changing Employment Relationship: A Comment on Rousseau ... 2005 Article
Exposing Pay Secrecy 2005 Article
Do Real Options Lead to Escalation of Commitment 2004 Article
Competitive Cross-Couponing: A Comparison of French and U.S. Perspectives 2001 Article
The Effect of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions on the Credit ... 2001 Article
Measuring the Effects of Post-Government Employment Restrictions 2001 Article
An Analysis of the Market Power Versus Efficiency Effects of ... 2000 Article
De l'efficience economique a la validite juridique d'une technique d'attraction ... 2000 Article
On the Wealth Effects of the Supervisory Goodwill Controversy 1999 Article
Corporate Political Strategies and Firm Performance 1999 Article
The Performance of Firm Pairs Linked by Long-Term Common Stock ... 1999 Article
Understanding Congressional Reform: Lessons from the Seventies 1998 Article
Geographical Deregulation and Competition in U.S. Banking Markets 1998 Article
Ownership Structure, Deregulation, and Risk in Savings and Loan Industry 1996 Article
The Cost Structure of Multinational Banks 1996 Article
The Economic Effects of First Generation State Antitakeover Statutes on ... 1994 Article
Branch Office Economies of Scale and Scope: Evidence from Savings ... 1994 Article
The Community Reinvestment Act: A Preliminary Empirical Analysis 1994 Article
Antitrust Policy and Mergers: The Wealth Effect of Supreme Court ... 1993 Article
Branch Bank Operating Costs: Evidence from Finnish Savings Banks 1992 Article
Further Evidence on Economies of Scale and Scope in Commercial ... 1991 Article
The Elusive Tax Gain on Debt 1991 Article
Bureaucratic Behavior and the Choice of Labor Input: A Study ... 1990 Article
Economies of Scale and Scope: The Case of Finnish Thrift ... 1990 Article